Estrella Green give Webgains the Edge


Webgains are the leading hi-performance affiliate marketing network in 14 countries and 1800+ clients empowering global brand advertisers and 250,000 publishing partners to reach their peak performance and achieve game changing results. Webgains was founded in 2005 and is now part of the ad pepper media International N.V. listed on the stock market, customer include Nike, Samsung, Hertz and many more.


“The Estrella Green team feel more like really good friends than ‘suppliers’. They are efficient, expert and deliver in budget and on time. It really feels like they have our best interests at the heart of what they are doing in every conversation or touch point.” Richard Dennys, CEO



By their own admission Webgains had a brand which made no sense or added anything to their company, a ‘so what’ proposition but underpinned by an incredible platform, team and customer base.


Estrella Green started by simply looking to solve the “Why Webgains?”question, why pick this company over any other in the market. Via the SPACE framework Estrella Green were able to establish a unique and authentic positioning as the Performance Coach of their entire sector alongside a strong brand and considered marketing strategy to ensure brand eqity and ROI.



The effect of the branding and repositioning campaign was almost immediate, the market began talking about Webgain, the staff reported being proud of their brand. Webgains experienced  a huge inbound opportunity sales pipeline sincelauncing in the Autumn. People who wouldn’t have considered to work for or with Webgains are now queuing to join.


They retained their biggest client, turning them from detractor to advocate within a few months, and have grown by almost 30%, reporting a “quantum shift in belief and confidence”.


I already knew how good they would be, so none of the outputs were a surprise. I think what has surprised me is how fast the effects and ROI have come back through our door. I’d estimate that already the direct financial ROI on what Estrella Green has delivered is already around 10x in new business wins and account retention plus a big lowering on staff churn and therefore recruitment fees. With hopefully a good few years left to drive even more. I wouldn’t be surprised if this reaches 100x by the end of the quarter.”