3 South West GreenTechs to look out for in 2020

The time for climate action is now. And in 2020, this is the sentiment binding people, organisations and businesses together. Since Extinction Rebellion began in Stroud in 2018, millions of people across the globe have shown their support for a new green status quo.

This has presented companies advocating an environmental revolution with an opportunity to thrive. Here are three of the best South West companies set to grab that chance with both hands this year:

1) Ecotricity

Founded by prominent vegan, Dale Vince, in 1995, Ecotricity has since established itself as a green energy powerhouse. Aside from supplying around 200,000 customers across the UK, the Stroud-based firm’s capacity to innovate sets it apart in the GreenTech space.

For example, it now provides 300 electric vehicle charge points across the UK as part of the so-called Electric Highway. Their recent deal to supply 100% green electricity to inland surfing venue, The Wave, also gives them a good platform to build from in 2020.

2) Good Energy

Good Energy is a mission-based renewable energy company headquartered in Chippenham. Since 1999, they’ve been disrupting the UK energy market by helping residential and commercial properties adopt sustainable energy solutions.

Offering 100% renewable electricity, carbon neutral gas and UK-based customer service, Good Energy’s offering is incredibly robust. The strength of their services means they’re in a position to call others out as well, and “Greenwashed” tariffs from their competitors are firmly in the firing line.

3) Pure Planet

“Save money. Save the planet.” That’s the mantra of digital renewable energy supplier, Pure Planet. Committed to great service and cheaper deals for consumers, the Bath-based business is causing a stir by speaking truth to power.

And, as a Which? recommended supplier in 2020, their strong brand identity is clearly paying off. Their challenge now is to leverage that capital to help get Britain to Net Zero as soon as possible.

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