Making the Unseen Seen

Estrella Green were delighted to chair Unseen’s anti-slavery event at Burges Salmon last week.

The Bristol-based charity gathered together a panel of experts including HSBC’s Will Morgan, corporate biologist Jaya Chakrabarti MBE and Unseen’s Executive Director, Justine Currell to discuss the importance of corporate engagement with the issue of modern slavery.

The “See the Unseen” event was part of the charity’s wider push to raise £800,000 to save its Modern Slavery Helpline; a crucial frontline service open to the public and victims of the crime.

Estrella Green said: “Modern slavery is now part of political and corporate discourse because of the tireless work of the Unseen team. It’s vital that the Modern Slavery Helpline keeps its doors open; not only to safeguard victims, but also to better understand and prevent this awful crime. We’re really proud to support them.”

Unseen CEO, Andrew Wallis, added: “We’ve been engaged with Estrella Green for a number of years and we’re truly grateful for our partnership. They’re an instrumental part of a growing ecosystem of businesses who genuinely care about issues beyond the confines of their office walls. To help tackle the scourge of modern slavery, we need more businesses like them leading by example.”

Despite estimates that the average consumer has between 40-60 slaves furnishing their lifestyle and that more people around the world are engaged in forced labour now than there were in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, public consciousness of the crime was limited before the last decade.

But now, with consumers increasingly voting with their feet and making ethical purchasing and lifestyle choices, businesses are addressing problems in their supply chains to ensure that human rights are respected from end-to-end.

Indeed, collaboration between governments, law enforcement, consumers and business is viewed as key to eradicating modern slavery – something that Unseen believes is achievable by 2050.

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