5 UK HealthTechs set for world domination in 2020

Predictive medicine. Inclusivity. Cost-efficiency. 

In the 2020 healthcare landscape, these are three of the most important trends you’re likely to encounter. And leading UK HealthTechs are working alongside health professionals to innovate and meet emerging demands. 

Here are the companies primed to revolutionise the sector this year and deliver optimised health services to the public:

Okko Health

Okko Health is a Bristol-based health technology startup specialising in the home-monitoring of eye health. The company aims to reduce NHS costs by detecting eye conditions sooner. It also focuses on improving patient experience by arranging remote check-ups between patients and doctors. 

Founded by Stephanie Campbell PhD, Okko is hoping to capitalise on the growing shift towards predictive medicine. As part of her TEDxBristol talk, Campbell said: 

“Now, healthcare is reactive. We wait for stuff to happen. And when it does happen, we’re usually quite good at fixing it. But often, that treatment is too late.

“Medicine is about looking after people, being able to care and being able to predict things ahead of time. That is the future.”


Elvie’s mission is to “bring women’s technology out of the dark ages”. With products ranging from silent wearable breast pumps to pelvic floor strengthening Kegel trainers, they’re breaking down barriers.

The London-based company’s uncompromising approach to female empowerment through technology has created a strong and authentic brand identity. Beyond resonating with the public, this has clearly struck a chord with investors.

Last year, Elvie secured a $42 million Series B funding round – the highest ever recorded by a FemTech firm. And in 2020, they were named as Europe’s 76th fastest growing company in the FT1000.

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Healios is a Southampton-based digital healthcare provider, specialising in mental health and neuro-developmental services. Their approach is to blend technology with clinical expertise to help people of all ages effectively self-manage their conditions.

Founded in 2013, Healios has developed partnerships with the NHS, schools and third sector organisations. It now delivers industry leading emotional and wellbeing tools. 

And the healthcare sector is clearly paying attention. Last year, the company received two separate endorsements from The National Institute for Health and Care excellence.

Open Bionics

Hero Arm innovators, Open Bionics, are leading the way in next-gen prosthetics. Providing lightweight and cost-effective bionic arms, the Bristol-based company is true to its promise to “turn disabilities into superpowers”.

Founded in 2014, Open Bionics has consistently made headlines through their high-profile partnership with Disney to provide superhero-themed arms for amputee children.  

In summer last year, they also secured a $35 million funding round, suggesting there’s much more to come.


Medopad’s mission is simple: they want people to live longer. Another predictive healthcare trailblazer, the London company focuses its attention on helping those with chronic, complex and rare diseases. 

Leveraging AI and big data, Medopad helps tailor medical care to individual needs for optimised healthcare services.

The company has already nurtured high-profile relationships with Apple and Tencent. Plus, it completed a $25 million Series B funding round in November last year. 

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