What leading by example means to Estrella Green

Since founding our strategic growth marketing agency four years ago, one principle has returned to us again and again. It sums up the approach we take to our work and the approach our clients take to theirs. Leading by example. This principle means challenging the established order by doing things better.

And for us, technology is always central to impactful change. That’s why we work with connectivity innovators, digital forensics trailblazers, disaster modelling software experts and many other disruptors in FinTech, autonomous vehicle software and more.

With decades of experience in the space, we know what it takes to transform tech disruptors into industry thought leaders, benefiting them and society as a whole. And we can do the same for you.

What we do

Working as an outsourced marketing department for your tech scaleup, we intertwine our success with yours, producing accountable and deliverable strategies that get results.

In-depth qualitative research underpins every one of these, along with a combined 40 years of technology and big brand marketing expertise. The perspective we provide on your business helps you to lead by example in your field, with a unique positioning that plays to your strengths.

Our dedicated team of growth marketers bring your strategy to life through refined thought leadership and social content which secure sustainable and authentic growth. Meanwhile, our bespoke marketing framework, SPACE, ensures that your strategy consistently builds brand equity and drives lead generation.

Why we do it

But leading by example encompasses far more than the professional philosophy shared by ourselves and our customers. It guides who we hire to be part of our team. It informs our approach to life outside of work. It inspires us to provide pro bono services to progressive initiatives and local charities.

Leading by example is at the heart of everything we do – from championing smart tech to buying a Big Issue when we leave work. And our relationship with you will show that.

See for yourself how we lead by example

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